Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today was pretty average.

everyday I answer a question in my Q&A book that my best friend from home got me for my birthday one year. It's a 5 year journal and you answer a question a day. Today's was "What do you want to remember about today?" It kind of stumped me because today was so normal. But any day I get to spend with Grayson is nice just because long distance means the normal days are a little uncommon. So luckily I have my 5 picture a day thing to just have some little peeks into what a "normal day" is.

Here are today's five

1. Grayson looking sad because he had two tests today.

2. laughing about something. boy that smile makes me melt. 

3. one more test left in the day! 

4. Chili's date night! we love Chili's. Grayson always gets the skillet queso and I always get Bacon Ranch Quesadillas 

5. home and looking at twitter or something and avoiding homework // watching How I Met Your Mother because we're going back through it now 

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