Sunday, March 26, 2017

end of march camp.

Cleverly titled. i know.

I don't really have a subject and I'm mostly amazed that I'm getting this post up. I'm so tired. It feels like one in the morning to me even though it is not even 10 pm. These camps leave me so happy, but so tired. Again, like yesterday, swirling emotions and thoughts and I really need to just sleep and have some clear thoughts.

I mentioned in another post that I am reading Charmian Carr's book and it has revitalized my love for The Sound of Music. I am dying to rewatch it. As soon as I landed in Birmingham, I downloaded the music onto my Spotify and listened to it all the way home :)

happy. exhausted. full of gratitude. I'm so so ready for this season to be more than a monthly camp.

1. full ensemble in the "bat cave." dang they sound so good. I look forward to full ensemble all weekend and it never disappoints. 

2. an old raffle ticket that was used to raise money for a trip that almost folded the corps. having this is a strangely cool feeling. it puts it all into perspective because even then the corps didn't die. 

3. the drive to the airport isn't bad. 

4. Mark & Nick the boy drum majors. love these guys. they're doing an amazing job so far. 

5. So fun to have an airplane buddy :) Britton goes to University of Alabama so he flies in and out of Birmingham just like I do and today we were on the same flight! (also, he went to Hoover and I teach there and that is why we have a Hoover tag) 

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