Friday, March 24, 2017

March Camp!

It's super late and I'm waiting on one more shuttle to get in so I'm going to basically just jot journal my day.

To quickly explain - Boston Crusaders has rehearsal camps every month for the musicians of the corps. This year they were all the last full weekend of the month. This is our third camp of the year and our March camp. We have one more in April before we take this thing to Vermont for spring training or move-ins.

Got up SUPER early in Birmingham so I could shower and get finished packing and not sacrifice all the wonderful morning routine things I've been doing. I shouldn't have emphasized super that much because I really only got up at 6, but to someone who normally gets to sleep until 9 - this was drastic.

Got to Bham airport very early for my flight and the security guy took away my bottle of lotion. I always remember to take my scissors out of my backpack, but I forgot about my lotion. Bye bye almost full bottle of Jergen's.

Got basically my whole to do list done waiting on my plane. I was flying Southwest which is not my fav airline, but oh well.

Read a bunch of my new book I just started on the plane. Forever Leisl by Charmaine Carr. So far it is such a treat. Got an aisle seat which is my favorite.

Made it to Tampa and sat with a bunch of Boston Crusaders people while we waited like five hours for our bus (ended up being six because the bus was so late).

Still made it to the school on time. It's so fun to see everyone again. I feel so spoiled that I get to see them every month, but also a month can feel like such a long time.

Hit the ball rolling with getting block going and continuing work on my list.


lots of good hang out/ catch up/ good talk time with my wonderful Boston people. I love this job.

Today's five --

1. tree wall at bham airport. why not. 

2. my ticket. yay. wish it was Delta. Love you Delta, I swear. 

3. my office for these weekends is this conference room and I just set up camp here for real. I spend almost the whole camp here so people know where to find me. and I even set up my air mattress at night here. I love that proud is in quotation marks because it's so dang sarcastic 

4. photo proof of my supurb snack. 

5. new chacos doing great! I love the tiny geckos on them :) 

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