Thursday, March 23, 2017

Skin/hair routine take 1.

One of the things I was disgruntled about in my life that I decided to change was the fact that I don't really have a skin routine. I know very little about skin and just knew enough to wash and moisturize. But exfoliating and masks and all that stuff was like a pretty little idea that maybe I'd get around to one day.

In my research while determined to get everything sorted out and have my life not feel like a half inflated pool float - this is what I decided for my skin/hair/beauty routine. I am an expert by no means, this is a humble stab at trying harder.


Clean Face
Moisturize with something that has SPF
fix a big glass of water and drink throughout the day
add hair oil/serum to the ends of my hair so they don't look dry all day

If I have to go out somewhere not serious, I use eyeliner on the top of my lid and mascara and I always add a little bit of subtle color to my lip. I also try to do some sort of body spray. I used to wear eyeliner on top and bottom everyday, but I'm going to try to just do top lid for a little while and see if I show up in pictures.


Wash hair every other night
Instead of conditioner in the shower, using leave-in conditioner
clean face in the shower
moisturize whole body and face
drink another glass of water
and a dose of night cream on my face right before I go to bed

Exfoliate once or twice a week and mask once a week.

I am no expert and the only reason I have some of this stuff is because I've been getting Birchbox since 2015. In my daily 5 pictures you'll see some of the products I've been using, and, I've updated my wish list so it has some of the items I hope to use. I mostly based my beauty wish list off of Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam and Taza of Love Taza. They both always look so pretty and glowing and natural and that's exactly what I want!

So far I like taking time out to really take care of my skin. One of the things that struck me in these posts of research was something Julia said. If a stranger compliments her skin, she says - "thanks I take good care of it." I definitely was responding with "thanks I have no idea why" but I like her answer better. I'm excited now to see if I'll be able to tell a difference over time.

Today's 5...

1. I've put a bunch of stuff that Birch Box sends me in my hair and most of it is gross and makes my hair feel wirey. But I love this stuff! I love how it smells and I love that it doesn't leave residue on my hands. plus, I put some in this morning and put my hair in a bun and the serum made it all wavy and pretty from the bun.

2. the leave in conditioner I've been using for now is this. It's pretty cool. I don't notice a huge difference to be totally honest.

3. I had a goal to make a ton of friendship bracelets before the drum corps season started, but I totally forgot how to make them, so zero bracelets got made today.

4. I actually painted today! I have all these wonderful paints in my apartment and they just sit there, but I set my timer for 45 minutes and painted today. My only goal was to fill it with color, I don't hate it, but it isn't done.

5. took a picture of my daily stretches so I can have them in Tampa for the Boston Crusaders camp this weekend. I do these stretches everyday, but I always seem to forget one without the list. wish me luck at camp!

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