Wednesday, March 29, 2017

a little gem.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I go through on Wednesdays and delete embarrassing facebook things from a whole year. Today was 2013. The embarrassing things definitely have dwindled by now compared to 2009 and every now and then I find a little gem.

A random thought that has nothing to do with the photo is that my pictures make college seem like a lot of fun. And one of the things I wish I could go back and change would just be to lower my expectations by a lot and enjoy the things that were happening around me.

But the picture I saw and saved was this one...

I'm the one with purple flag in the front. grey tank. 2013

Me struggling through my first Paramount clinic. I have a million good things to say about my time at Paramount and my first clinic was no exception. I remember getting up so so early that morning in Auburn all by myself and driving to Atlanta. I had totally forgotten about the time change, so I was an hour late. Also, it was my first time to the Howard school so I didn't know what to do at the gate. Everything about that day feels blurry to me, but I can't believe I still have this photo somewhere in my archives. Good luck, Paramount at SAPA this weekend and WGI the next. It's going to be great!

Here are today's 5 from my day in Oxford with GB :)

1. one of the many beautiful buildings in Oxford. I love this little town - especially the square. 

2. GB & I got Ocean Waters at Sonic today which is just one of my favorite treats in the whole world.

3. tonight we went to dinner with Jonathan and his boyfriend Jake at Old Venice in the square and GB suggested frozen yogurt which was delicious! I got butter pecan and chocolate chip cookie dough along with many many toppings. 

4. GB & Jonathan enjoying froyo on the square

5. GB working hard at his smartmusic assignments! 4 100s in one night :) 

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