Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 2 was not so hard.

Obviously some of the glamour of essentially changing my to do lists to look nicer is going to wear off. I'm determined to keep up this lifestyle as much as I can, though. Today did not make that difficult. Basically to get my tan back, I've been sitting on my back porch to get some sun. The past few weeks that's been terrible because it was also windy. But today felt like a real summer day. It was 86 degrees the whole time I was outside and it made me want summer to be here so badly.

I also watched Dancing with the Stars because I'm obsessed. My rankings here

1. Simone & Sasha
2. David & Lindsay
3. Heather & Maks
4. Rashad & Emma
5. Nancy & Artem
6. Normani & Val
7. Bonner & Sharna
8. Nick & Peta
9. Erika & Gleb
10. Chris & Witney
11. Charo & Keo
12. Mr. T & Kym

I don't want this blog to become a place where I say a lot of negative things, but I will allow it today. There has never been a professional dancer I dislike more than Gleb. That is all.

I promise these posts will get more subject-y and not so much of a recap once things get rolling and I think of better things to say.

Anyway - today in 5 pictures ...

1. Watching Hulu DWTS. proof.

2. Sunbathing hour. Where I catch up on my trash magazines and wish I could jump into that pool.

3. Last after school rehearsal with Hoover.

4. Took at picture of the best mac n cheese recipe ever to send to Ethan.

5. Needed one more picture today and yeah candle. It's White Gardenia from Bath and Body works and I got it mega on sale online.

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