Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ready for summer? I am! Here is my countdown! Today is halfway through the semester!

also, this never stops making me laugh

This week is almost over!

Next week is the last short week before spring break (my spring break). and Miss Legend!

SPRING BREAK!!!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!

then I'm more than halfway done!

Then we're halfway through March! Going to see an OCHS Winter Guard competition and the next level of KKPsi! March Madness Begins!

Last week of March! Which is a free week for me! (no tests, quizzes, labs, or papers - very rare!) and your spring break!!!

First week of April - tryouts!

Another quick free week!

Halfway through April! Last KKPsi level!

Last full week of April!!! last week of class!!!!!!!

friendly reminder that this happened...

Exam week (or the not-so-exam week for me!)

Home for summer! Great Gatsby comes out! Beach! Kayaking! Move to Glisson! Ashley's graduation! AP tests are ending! You finish exams and classses!


I'll have to steal Ashley's hat! 

Maggie and I will be Village Counselors together! (and Andrew & Candler will be there, too)

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