Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last night Brady threw a surprise party for Catherine!

(house, pre-party)

A bunch of people from band were there as well as some of Catherine's other friends. Our little group of Erik, Heidi, Rachel, me, Brady, and Catherine met at Brick Oven and then when we all got back to Brady's everyone surprised her and it was really fun!

Obviously, I had fun with the balloons...haha

Not much happening here, though. This week is pretty low key! Tonight Philip is finishing work on my tryout song and I am going to make him Macaroni for dinner. I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend before the tests and other horrible things start up again...


  1. Your making macaroni is precious! Who's a good little housewife!?

  2. haha, yep 4 minutes in the microwave! :)