Saturday, February 9, 2013

I've got the decorating crazies.

I'm getting so excited to decorate my dorm room next year!

I want to make it really cute, but mostly using the same basics I already have. (bedspread, pillows, lamps, etc.)

it looks so naked without all of the pictures!

If you have ideas, make a post! I love the ideas! and while you're at it, ideas for my side of the cabin (or side of Ivie) are also welcome! Again, at camp I'll be using my same bedspread and such...but little details are what make a cabin special! Like, what is your favorite way a counselor has ever had her cabin set up like? What looks homey-ist?

I love this abstract chevron with metallic-y colors! (free birthday present idea :)

also love the magazine letters. good for dorm and cabin! 

Also, I have a poopy exam this week. Pray for me.

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