Saturday, February 2, 2013

Did I mention I love guard?

Today I got to teach the girls of Smiths Station High School the intermediate routine!!!

sequin school flag line staff! 

It was so much fun! The girls were sweet and eager to learn!!!

Today was just one of those really good days to do what I do! (and I got to twirl a little bit, too!)

Not to mention that OC had their openning competition today! I SO wish I could've been there to see Novice and Varsity, but I will hopefully be at the next one! -care to join me for a road trip? :)

Last year's show! hehe

p.s. LOVE your new theme and can't wait to see you soon!!!


  1. Yay to roadtrip! And that you love the new theme I do too! I was so hoping you would! When do I get to see you?

  2. I get to see you on the 17th!!!! Coming up soon! Want to roadtrip with me to see the March 23 competition at Central Forsyth? :) We could make a day of it, go out to eat, etc.