Monday, February 4, 2013

Summertime, coming right up!

Today I was added to the Glisson 2013 Summer Staff Facebook page! It's really coming up! I'm really going to have campers and I'm really going to be a counselor! Craziness!!!

I'm SO excited! Having you at camp, and you and Joanne at outpost, and possibly Sadie and Cami!

One thing I need your help with, I've decided that I want some sort of something for all of my campers to sign so that I can keep said 'keepsake' with all of the names of my campers and co's. Any ideas? What is something that I can have in my dorm, a fun way to remember everyone? I want to think of an idea obviously before I go to camp so that Week 1 doesn't get left out!

The pictures make it hard to believe that summer is coming up, but just four months!

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