Sunday, February 3, 2013


Who are you rooting for for SuperBowl XLVII? Other than Beyoncé, of course!

I'm rooting for the Ravens and here's why: my two college teams are UGA and AU...UGA has two Ravens players and 1 49ers, Auburn has one of each.

-Ravens - 3
-49ers - 2

DeAngelo Tyson (Ravens) when he played for the Dawgs

The Baltimore Ravens have a pro marching one point!

-Ravens - 4
- 49ers - 2

The 49ers beat the Falcons which is who I really wanted to see at the super bowl...

-Ravens - 4
-49ers - 1

Ravens colors have purple in them!!

-Ravens - 5
-49ers - 1

So....GO RAVENS!!!

Are you doing anything cool for the Super Bowl? I'm at Brady's now with a whole bunch of people!

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