Thursday, February 7, 2013

And the worst student award goes to...

Every noticed how many negative rewards I give myself?

I deserve them all.

Well, I just spent all of Anthropology class looking through all of A CUP OF JO's wedding photos. I can't believe I've never looked through them before! I love everything about it! What a joyous ceremony! And it doesn't hurt that my favorite photographers ever photographed the wedding!

I especially love the part where her father answers "Who gives this woman, blah, blah, blah" with "She comes of her own accord with her mother and my full support." That sounds so much nicer than than "her mother and I do" their passing the buck, I don't know maybe I'm a little silly for thinking that.

I just don't understand some traditions. I know for sure that my wedding will be pretty laid back, not too fancy or uptight, just nice enough to be serious, but casual enough to have a happy day! (probably no jeans, though)

this looks a little stuffy for my taste.

Are there any sort of traditions you'll leave out of your wedding? Anything different you'll try to incorporate?

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  1. Holy cow I love their wedding!!!!! I look through every now and then. I love her dress and their program!