Friday, February 8, 2013

I think we've been hit twice.

Whenever someone says something that offends me a little bit and continues to talk about it always makes me think of Thad and Patrick in The Family Stone when Meredith goes on and on about gay children.

Patrick looks at Thad and says "Well boss, I think we've been hit twice."

Today my English teacher was trying to make some sort of point about the difference between women and men. Our latest paper is over gender issues which is why my posts have been similar. After I told her that I thought I'd like to have my pilots license someday, she was very annoyed.

She went on to tell some story about a student of hers who was a Ballet major. She said that was a dumb thing to major in as well as theatre and the arts. I again made a spectacle and told her that I, in fact, am now a dance minor.

and....que the quote.

I'm quite used to this sort of situation by now.

Oh well, so there's the minor news. (hehe) Dance minor and possibly an international minor if I can get myself over to Europe for a little study abroad adventure!

(Aricca, Italy)

Hope you have a good weekend! I'll be seeing you next weekend! I'm so excited!

Tonight a bunch of the brothers are going to the gymnastics meet! We're competing against Arkansas. (we, being Auburn. not we, the brothers. wouldn't that be funny? Can you picture Brady on beam? hehe) War Eagle!

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