Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Break!

Ok, my plans are getting more settled!

I typed in planner and this hilariously old iPod came up! 

Here is what I'll be doing and where I'll be! (with the exception of a few days that I'm still not totally sure of.)

Friday - Just one class! School's out! Leave Auburn with Brady and Catherine to make it back in time for Miss Legend rehearsal! Hang out!

Saturday - Miss Legend! Philip also will probably come to Athens on Saturday for the show! Also, if it isn't cancelled, I want to see your tennis match!

Sunday - Everyone drives back to Auburn! Spend the night in AU and pack & whatnot!

I wish my suitcase was this cool! 

Monday - Philip and I go to the beach to hang out with some awesome band-o's! We probably won't stay very long but this is where it gets fuzzy - we don't really know what day we'll leave or whatever.

I wish it would be like the Something Borrowed beach trip! but it will probably be more like babysitting...which is why we aren't staying long! 

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - who knows, who cares!

The next thing for sure is that I'm working SLR Friday, March 15-17.

love that place! 

Sunday - ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

(maybe I should go to Chicago for a few days!) 

Monday - back to poopy school.

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