Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Polly Pockets!

Let's face it, we were a little obsessed with Polly Pockets back in the day...

I think our grand total was 178 boys and girls all with individual names and personalities and families.

and let's not forget about our annual Polly Pocket Miss America!

Try and remember all of them! All I can remember (and I'm surprised I remember any at all)
.....can't really remember much after that, and I want to say Courtney was 2006. I know Sarah won at least one year, and I think there was another one, too. 

So...point of this is....wanna break out the polly pockets and host a 2012 Polly Pocket Miss America?

What made me think to write this post is that yesterday I was in Wal Mart getting some things for Interior Design and the new polly pockets are SO WEIRD LOOKING :( and they all have weird hair! Remember how much we hated the ones with real hair?

I remember when I was really young (like before you were born) they were really tiny and stuck on a platform type of thing. You didn't change their outfits, you just had different little places for them to go. A little bit more pocket sized, I guess.

We're lucky we had our polly pocket craze when we did!

Also, on a completely unrelated note, my Marriage and Family professor cancelled our last class Friday! So only 2 classes left (not counting the one I'm in right now :) Happy Thursday! Only 9 days until I come home!


  1. Haha wow so impressed! Our anouncements today told us to have a good throwback Thursday and they showed all old cartoons (Franklin, Pepperanne, Hey Arnold, Courage the Cowardly Dog, etc..).