Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Love!

One thing I miss SO much here at Auburn is having time to read.

I've been crushing on some books on Pinterest lately, and now I just want to take a month off from everything, go to Pawleys Island, and just read!!! (and being in Pawleys would be pretty great, too!)

(me at Pawleys in seventh grade :)

Mom sent me the beach dates for this summer and I think I'm going to be able to go! Maybe I can splurge on some books and have my reading vacation then! Something to look forward to!!!

Here are some books that drew my eye...

and many many more!

As far as our countdowns go, I only have 6 classes left this sestester!!! (not including the one I'm in, as usual). and only 10 days until I come home!!!

Also, I'm getting really excited for the SEC Championship! Everyone here is pulling for Georgia!!! Go Dawgs!!! 

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