Monday, November 26, 2012

It's been so long since I've seen your face.

Thanksgiving Break is over and now it's back to blogging and classes!

these guys.

My countdown has begun! I only have (after the class that I'm in now) 10 more classes this week!!! and then 4 finals and then HOME SWEET HOME!

I loved my mini-Christmas break and getting to see everyone at home (including Trevor & Stewart!) and, as always, I LOVED having you and Charlie here! (and mom & dad, too)

the dismount

that face!

Here are some of my goals for real Christmas break!

-read my Trumpet for Dummies Book

-watch TV! because I can!

-put my AUMB bumper sticker on Lars (along with another for symmetrical reasons)

-go to the Camp Glisson Christmas party

-go to the dentist (whoa! dream big!)

-make some plans for my spring semester

-send more crew gifts! (3 birthdays over break!)

-look more into where I'm going to live next year

-buy my spring semester books

-go to AG Boutique and Bistro with you! (emphasis on the Bistro!)

-buy Christmas presents!!!

-watch all of the Batman movies (the Christopher Nolan directed ones) with the family

-and look into going to be in the Macy's Great American band next year for Thanksgiving!!!

On another note, Drum Major tryouts are this week! Best of luck to my buddies trying out! (including Stats, Brady, and my RAT dad!) They will be conducting the whole band tomorrow (yikes! pressure!) and then the jog and mace routines will be on Wednesday!

Also, I haven't seen Becca yet, but she put all sorts of cute canvas things on her big wall! It looks so good with decoration! and I love those Theta kites! What a cute "mascot" :)

Hope you have an awesome Monday!!!

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