Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The countdown is on!

I posted yesterday on my facebook that I get to see Charlie in 12 days!

So I've started a 12 day countdown!

Which p.s. now that I'm 18 I'm trying to win Ellen's 12 day from home :) 

That may get annoying to my facebook friends, but Oh well!

It sure does help me get through!

Today there are only 11 days until Christmas Break! Yayayayay!

Also, my psych professor and math instructor sent the review sheets today and I already have my Interior Design review! So, this is all starting to come together!

this is what all of my professors look like.

As of now, I only have 8 classes left! (not counting the class I'm in now)

I had a quiz today, but it's over and I made a 100! Yay!!! the rest of the day is going to be EASY!!!

Sadly, though, today is the last official band practice. We will be conducted by our 8 drum major finalists! (who have already been through conducting to a recording for judges and an interview!) Today they will conduct the band and we will evaluate them and tell Dr. Spurlin how we like them! Also, tomorrow is mace routine and jog audition! Yay! Good luck to the 8 finalists! - 4 of which are good friends of mine!

I know Tuesdays aren't your favorite, I hope this one isn't so bad :)

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