Sunday, November 4, 2012

and the worst sister in the world award goes to...

...Mary Mason McWhorter! For not blogging often, for not calling enough and for just being a loser.

So so sorry.

This week was weird weird weird.

So needless to say I'm looking forward  to a much more organized and sleep-filled November and on into finals!

I found these prints on a really cool website and they made me want to travel so badly!

Also, your last game is coming up this week and I only have three left! I'm kind of ready for it to be over but I think once it's actually done, I'll miss it.

First weekend off should be awesome though! Holiday Indie Craft Parade!!!! I'm SO excited! This is so perfect since I couldn't come to the fall one! I bet Greenville will be beautiful at Christmastime! It's already lovely in the fall.

Do you know where else is lovely at Christmas? You guessed it! Chicago!!!!

In other news, I got a letter and new CD from Jess!!! It is positively the greatest thing I've ever heard!

Lastly, Mrs. Rogers told me that she is starting a JV Winter Guard at Oconee!!! I seriously think that you should do it! You are very graceful and I could teach you everything you wanted to know about the flag and weapons! It's also a great way to meet people and you get an awesome uniform and performing is a blast and going to competitions is so much fun and I could go on for days! So think about joining or getting some of your friends to join!

one of my favorite Winter Guard shows of all time!


  1. Am I allowed to try out for JV Winterguard? Would it get in the way of tennis?
    Also please give me the address to those prints....actually just get them for me for Christmas..
    yeah that works better.

  2. You are allowed to try out and no it shouldn't get in the way! (it didn't for me!) We can start learning when you come to Auburn! :) I'll be sure to buy you all the prints :P