Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's that time again...

...project time :(

We are working on yet another project in studio. and YIKES this one is on the computer. a.k.a. my worst enemy. The project is on a program called AutoCAD.

It's a three step process so hopefully I will complete step one today, step two on Thursday and step three spread out between Friday and Sunday.

Other than that, I have a gazillion other things going on - not to mention finals coming up. My goal is to get a letter grade higher than every grade I have now (except for the As, of course). Pretty doable in a month, maybe even better than one letter grade in some classes!

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving break!!? I'm so happy! I need a break SO badly to get all caught up on projects and studying - even though I'm doing alright,  I could always use extra time!

Nothing particularly great is happening today that I know of, sorry about that...

So I'm just going to go with things I'm looking forward to:

1.) Five Guys tonight for KKPsi

2.) This project being over!

3.) Tripp is due soon!!!

4.) It's rainy here! which means rainy band practice, which is my favorite!

5.) We find out who our president for the next four years will be today!

So diplomatic.

6.) Christmas is coming! Just a few weeks!

7.) GEORGIA/ AUBURN GAME SATURDAY!! yeah, i'm psyched.

8.) Just three more football games = just three more passoffs!

9.) Christmas Indie Craft Parade!

10.) I got some new shoes last night for $8 and then watched V for Vendetta with Heather and Philip!

I got the wedges in the top right corner!

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