Monday, April 3, 2017

SAPA 2017

As I've written before,  I work at Hoover High School for the color guard. I write and clean dance work as well as movement work in general. This past weekend was our championships which take place each year in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga is positively the perfect place for this. We compete in the McKenzie Arena which is close to downtown. Chattanooga is a dream. So cute, walkable, and not too crowded even on busy event weekends.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures as usual, but here are a few...

We drove up Saturday carpool style after a short rehearsal. We checked into the Hampton Inn downtown which was perfectly located. Everything was walkable. We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and Cold Stone for dessert. I loved hanging out with Adrian and Ethan this weekend who are two other staff for Hoover.

We got up earrrllly Sunday morning and checked out of the hotel. We rehearsed for an hour in a practice gym right across the street from the arena and the girls performed a no drop performance as their final run through. It was so so awesome.

Then we all got ready and went into warm up. Pictured you see equipment warm up which happens every year in this weird wrestling room. Whatever. Kind of a tradition. I love the familiarity of it.

The girls had a great last show! And they came off the floor feeling pretty good which made me happy! After the performance the girls changed out of uniform and we all went to lunch. My group went to Sticky Fingers which was delicious.

We returned to the McKenzie Arena for the final groups to perform and then awards. Hoover got 4th and a score of 78.41 which is really good! Here are the girls after awards.

One of the other things I loved about SAPA was getting to see some of my lovely Paramount friends :)

Anyway - here are today's five! 

1. got approximately seven million things done on Moses today. this car is quite the money suck. still it feels good to get everything checked out especially as much as I drive. 

2. some of the loot from today's grocery shopping fun. 

3. lunch on these new cute plates that I assume Samantha bought. 

4. trying on clothes for this weekend in NOLA. I've got some alterations to do on the dress I decided to wear. 

5. had nothing else to take a picture of and I just really love my RPC print above the toilet. 

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