Tuesday, April 11, 2017

a rambling of thoughts.

I've been really bad about my 5 pictures a day. Basically because I don't do a whole lot and there is not a lot to take pictures of.

Today GB and I woke up and went to Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford which is really delicious. We met Jonathan and Jake there for Jake's birthday and then GB took me back to my car.

Drive home was fine and I somehow got through this to do list.

I always get antsy this time of year. I am such a summer person I get impatient for summer really bad. I am going to try harder to take pictures though because I really love to look back and remember the "filler days."

Luckily I leave for Athens on Thursday to get my final root canal installment and Easter! And, I get to cook tomorrow from my Molly on the Range cookbook. It is absolutely my favorite cookbook and I have loved every recipe I've tried in there :)

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