Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My five favorite blogs.

First of all, today was lovely. I got so much done and at such a nice pace. I had time to site outside and get some sun before my final two interviews for our intern candidates. Tomorrow there is supposed to be a huge weather situation (tornado?) so I went ahead and got everything for Grayson's formal cooler. (it's styrofoam this year because I actually painted one last year). Then I finished last night's episode of DWTS (Narmani is really growing on me) and just finished alterations on my dress!

I wasn't planning to write any of that, I was planning to write that I actually only like 5 blogs. I have seen a bunch and there are only five on the whole internet that I absolutely love. here they are!

1. Cup of Jo - I've been reading this one since high school. It has changed a lot, but I still love the posts and usually find a good read here.

2. Love Taza - I can't get enough of these guys. The Davis family makes living in NYC look like a complete dream and I always envy their little Upper West Side Apartment. Plus, her kids are precious and so so sweet.

3. Gal Meets Glam - I love the feminine outfits and makeup and travel that Julia Engel has all over the content. Everything is beautiful on this page. Definitely the winner of the graphic design and web development award. I love finding new outfits and pieces here. Also where 90% of my beauty routine comes from.

4. Classy Girls Wear Pearls - I like to pretend I live this kind of life. Sarah Vickers and Kiel James Patrick have a fairytale world. I love the prep style, but I'm a little bit too much of a mess to have my whole life look like this. Still, I love to see her gorgeous pictures that look like source material of J Crew. Seriously. I wish my pictures looked like that.

5. My Name is Yeh - Probably the person I'd want to hang out with the most. Since I've just gotten into cooking, I love Molly Yeh. Her writing is fresh and genuine and funny and her recipes are so awesome. I'm sure I'll be posting about something I've made from her cookbook later this month because every time I have money to get ingredients, I spring straight for her cookbook to try something out.

I check these 5 blogs every Monday and add things to my wishlist, copy down recipes, or tag articles I want to read. I look forward to and it always gives me a little sunny to-do on Mondays.

Here are today's five.

1. this has basically become my view every day. I just get so much done with the TV on. I'm on season 4 of friends and I watch it on DVD since nothing else is hooked up.

2. lovely lovely light.

3. my closet and wonderful shoes. nothing really to take pictures of today. tomorrow will be worse.

4. COOLER! I'm so excited to give this to him!

5. so many goodies and so many things underneath :) I love my boy!

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