Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oh how I miss my brother.

Last night we were under tornado watch/warning (whichever one is less severe - I can't ever keep those straight) here in Birmingham. It was raining some when I went to sleep, but I sort of half-woke up when an extremely loud roll of thunder came around. I personally love storms and I love that something so loud can't really touch me or harm me. I get to just be in it. I like storms.

But our family dog Charlie, who passed away in June, did not.

My immediate thought when I heard that thunder was that I wanted to comfort Charlie. I remembered then in my still mostly asleep that Charlie was gone, but I was still yearning to comfort a pup. My pup. I have been saving up for a Mini-Sheepadoodle puppy for quite some time now. And, all this saving up and not having Charlie has made me puppy sick like I didn't know was possible.

Strangely enough, my mom texted me this morning saying what a relief that Charlie didn't have to experience any of that storm. It is I guess one way we make peace with something difficult, but it was just another way for me to miss Charlie and for me to miss my future pup who I plan to name Friday.

My friend Maggie & I on New Year's 2015 with Charlie in a bad storm 

This waiting for a dog thing is not easy, but it does give me a lot of time to think and reflect on my eleven wonderful years with Charlie. Charlie is basically the standard to which I hold every dog. Charlie was peaceful, but alert. In tune with what his family was doing, yet always napping. And so soft and curly. My original intent was to have Friday while we still had Charlie so that hopefully Friday would pick up on Charlie's perfect temperament.

Though I don't have a clear idea of where we are before we are born, it is a nice thought that Charlie and Friday might be together out there somewhere - not dealing with storms or fireworks or anything spooky.

Here is a mini sheepadoodle if you don't know what one is :) 

& today's five of course.

1. planning out watching the Independent World Prelims on Flomarching. I hate that I'm missing the show and a little sad that I'm not performing in it. 

2. gorgeous view out of our back porch after some of the rain stopped.

3. I was able to get in a small run between rains. It was so pretty and there are all sorts of little creeks and things on my route. 

4. it hailed for about one minute. and during my conference call. I've never seen hail that hard. there were also four huge cracks of lightening that sounded like gunshots. so scary. 

5. packing for NOLA. I'm so excited and may have overpacked for the first time ever.

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