Wednesday, April 12, 2017

always packing.

I used to think when people said this they meant always packing a suitcase because they are just on the go people. It is what I mean by my title because holy cow I am never in Birmingham for more than three days anymore. Heading home tomorrow for Easter and root canal finale (hopefully). I'm super tired so here are today's five.

1. I admit that this a picture from Monday, but I accidentally only took four today - so here is one I never shared.

2. sunbathing on my porch today trying to get a base tan and this was my view :)

3. I've started opening my window and it's actually made a huge difference. Just makes me feel better.

4. I made dinner tonight! An old favorite from my Molly on the Range cookbook. I stuffed myself with as many as I could and will more than likely eat the rest tomorrow

5. room all ready for sleep and go early tomorrow morning.

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