Monday, August 18, 2014

Days 8 & 9.

Day 8 was the last day of summer for me...quite sad. Day 9 was the first day of fall as far as I'm concerned. Auburn feels too busy and panicked to be the same as summer, but I'm trying to stay hopeful that this semester could be good! 

I'm feeling really stressed about getting the Opelika show on the field, but I think it'll all turn out how it needs to because it always does! So I'm only trying to stress about it a healthy amount - if that makes sense? 

Some good things happened today and I need to remember that! so here we go - 

1.) I woke up to a text from Ramon that our plane ticket prices went down by $100 which is awesome! 

2.) My Opelika girls worked their BUTTS off today at practice

3.) Sam came in 908 with two big ole cheese pizzas! 

4.) We watched Les Miz while we ate said pizza - singing along very badly with mouths full 

5.) Bachelor in Paradise is the worst show on TV and I'm obsessed (I've got to keep busy while I'm waiting on DWTS to come back).

6.) Beautiful sunset on the way home from practice! 

7.) New Geology professor is hilarious and cancelled class on Friday! So I don't have any classes on Friday! 

8.) I also had a class cancelled Thursday! 

9.) Mom and Dad are coming to Auburn Thursday! 

Here we are looking rough at the 2012 band-o-rama.

10.) It's all going to be fine! 

Have a good rest of the week! 

p.s. This is my new obsession - - - 

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