Saturday, August 16, 2014

Days 6 & 7.

I've made it the first week! 

Now let's add classes and make this extra fun! 

The phrase these past few days was "earn your sleep." When I first picked it for days 6 & 7 - I just meant because of workouts. But now I'm finding that earning my sleep doesn't just have to mean I did a lot of exercise - earning my sleep should mean that I had a full day of fun plans and good people and good ice cream! 

Friday was a quintessential summer day. We had a tiny miscommunication so I ended up eating three scoops of Jeni's and reading Wild (about 4 chapters) right outside the shop. It was so delightful! I loved just enjoying lovely Westside on a bright summer day with a good book! And I had a blast hanging out with the cousins at Catilin's party! 

Cameron, me, Pat, you, Caitlin, & Blair :)



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