Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can't get enough!

I know I'm not the easiest person to shop for... even though  I gave you two very detailed lists - sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect thing for someone so picky like me! So I have attached some no-fail options that will be true for years to come as well!

1.) Giftcards

I LOVE giftcards. You are giving me the gift of free shopping and the gift of choice. What a beauty to open a card with a gift card in it or a package with a gift card in it! Seriously can't go wrong with these. Here are some places I love to be gift carded (both shops and restaurants)

-Barnes & Noble
-Old Navy
-Academy Sports
-Bed, Bath & Beyond
-Bath & Body Works
-Victoria's Secret
-Vera Bradley
-Momma G's
-the movie theatre!
-basically any restaurant!
also, if there is such a thing as an Etsy gift card - it would be rather rad.

Let's face it, if you give me a giftcard there, I can find something I'm going to like.

2.) Striped socks from Gap

Just something about 'em. Also, they aren't really online, but if you go in the store, they have a good selection. If you go to Gap and get me socks, I will love you forever.

3.) Scarves!

Crazy scarves, fancy scarves, striped scarves, patterned scarves, solid scarves, infinity scarves, long scarves, short scarves.

4.) Fragrances

Good smelling things! Because who doesn't want to smell like fruit all of the time?

5.) Crazy coats

Looking for something a little nicer that I'll still love? Coats are great! Medium please!

6.) Flowers!

Not a long-lasting gift, but a gift I always love and are certainly beautiful when I get them!

7.) Doughnuts!

A dozen original glazed from Krispie Kreme is a great way to say Merry Christmas!

8.) The gift of music!

Give me all of the sounds! A mix CD of things you like, things you think I'll like, a new CD, an old CD, just music! I can't get enough! and I love to hear new things!

9.) A gift with a cause!

I love these companies like TOMS, Billiamjeans, and Punjammies who serve someone else or help a cause when you buy their product.

10.) Lastly, bake me something!

This is a really good option because I LOVE food and if I don't like it, I can throw it away later without feeling too bad. Also, it isn't awkward to open up a pan of brownies and hope that I like them, it's just awesome. and I love any gift that doesn't take up space for too long. (taking up space is the reason I really don't like a lot of "thing" kind of gifts)

and if you package it beautifully, I probably won't care what's inside!

Still not convinced? Check my board of more things that I'd like on my pinterest page :)

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