Friday, December 7, 2012

The art of relaxation.

I've found three things that cure my stress! Finals are crazy horrible, but I've managed to keep my head (mostly) level thanks to these three things!

1. I found a place to practice violin!!!

my humble studio :)

this way out! 

I've been climbing out my window to my fire escape (I guess there is a perk to my basement room!) The natural light from the window/ceiling and the Christmas lights are a perfect place for me to practice! Then I just tape my music to the window facing my room and play play play!

2. Visit the humane society and hold some puppies!

Erik with Julie, Brady with Miracle, and me with my boy Charlie!

Charlie and me :)

Me with Miracle and Philip with Charlie!

Brady, Trent, Philip, Erik, Rachel and I went to the Humane Society yesterday to play with the puppies! I immediately fell in love with the first one that I picked up named Arwen! I was thinking how much I hoped she would get a home when lo and behold, a woman walked in and pointed at Arwen sleeping in my arms and said that Arwen was going home with her that same day!!! Yay! Also, this really tiny dog named Julie fell in love with Philip who, even though he doesn't like small dogs, was crazy about! The last dog who was my favorite was a lab mix puppy named Charlie. Philip also fell in love with Charlie...and since Philip is buying a dog next year, maybe we will get to go back to the humane society for one!

3. and, Nature!

maybe a little man made?

boy's a natural!

sweet Rachel!

After we went to the humane society, we went to Chewacla which is a park! Even though some of it was really man-made, I appreciated the attempt and it was good to just get outside!

aslo, as a bonus, I'm going to say that most of my stress relief comes from just being with my new group of friends :)

Trent, Erik, Heidi, me, Rachel, Catherine and Brady!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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