Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The less famous but equally important day after Christmas.

I adore Christmas, but there has always been something about the day after Christmas that I just love!

Everything has sort of "breathed out" so to speak. Any stress and craziness that seems to always find itself to Christmas Day disappears by the 26th. So, you have Christmas decor, a whole bunch of new stuff, and a day free of expectations.

For instance, last year, we got snow on the 26th. I'll be the first to admit that I don't love snow, but something about being in my (new) PJs and Sweatshirt and coming downstairs to a bunch of random Traitor Joe's foods was really fun!

(Rockwell's "Day After Christmas" 1922)

I remember being a little girl and even loving the day after Christmas. We would keep all of our Santa presents on the couch and it would be like Christmas morning all over again except we didn't have to go anywhere. Just sit in our PJs and re-open, re-discover, and most of all - relax.

And the best thing is, I had absolutely no idea what today was going to look like. There is no routine that we follow every 26th, so the day was wide open. And, without fail, today was pretty great! I woke up at about noon with a great night's sleep behind me, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a little Full House (and, boy, it's been TOO long), and got to go see Les Miserables which was fantastic. Then ran a few errands, Zaxby's for dinner and When Harry Met Sally while making Philip's Christmas present.

The 25th anniversary of Full House cake! Love!

the cast of Full House now

Yep, not too bad!

So, here's a toast to the less famous but equally important day after Christmas! Cheers!

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