Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's go to the movies!

So today I got all excited about Oscar nominations coming out!!! As usual, I'm going to try and see all of the nominees for best picture and as many of the other nominees as possible.

According to predictions, the movies that will most likely make best picture are Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook. So yeah!

So then of course I get to looking into movies I want to see when I come home (at Cinè of course!- maybe this one?) and I come across rumors of more superhero movies.

this is the one I want to see at Cinè...not an undercover superhero movie

I have to admit, there have been some really great superhero movies lately.

It seems that DC comics is going to do a movie sort of like the Avengers (which is Marvel) called Justice League including characters such as Batman, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman (among others). It is set to come out in 2015.

Naturally, there are going to be a whole bunch of other movies leading up to Justice League starting with Superman. The new Superman movie, set to come out summer 2013, is called Man of Steel. It seems to have a pretty good cast, so that'll be interesting! I really don't know much about Superman.

So next I looked into Wonder Woman, are we finally getting a woman superhero movie? I mean, the little girls in the world deserve a hero as much as the boys! (not to be one of those people...) There are all sorts of rumors about who would play a good Wonder Woman. Do you have any good ideas? I really couldn't come up with one...

Lastly, I came across this website that has several interesting lists involving TV and film. My favorite was about shows that got cancelled too early. Some of them seem really good! So maybe we can watch some over break (that list of things to do over break is getting really long).

and on a TV note, the guy who plays Spencer on iCarly (who I said Philip reminds me of) has a new show coming out! It seems to be essentially iCarly but a boy instead of iCarly. Turns out Philip is an iCarly fan! hehehe

jerry trainor

ok, and now this has nothing to do with the Oscars. or even movies. I might be the worst blog writer ever.

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