Sunday, March 2, 2014

There's always that one...

Well as usual, I was able to watch all of the Oscar Best Picture Nomination movies...except one.

This year, sadly, it was 12 Years a Slave. It wasn't in Redbox and wasn't playing in any movie theatre near Auburn.

The worst part about all of this is that Nebraska isn't the one best picture nomination that I missed. I could've gone my whole life without that movie. It was SO boring and at the end of the movie, I still cared nothing about anyone in the movie. So here is my official list of best picture favorites...

1. Philomena

2. American Hustle

3. Gravity

4. Captain Phillips

5. Dallas Buyers Club

6. The Wolf of Wall Street

7. Her

8. Nebraska

I would strongly recommend the top 5 and hopefully I'll get to see 12 Years a Slave one of these days!

I also saw Blue Jasmine and really liked it! It deserved to be nominated above Nebraska by a long shot!

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