Friday, March 28, 2014

Meeting Gabe Witcher.

Known to his closest friends as "Gaber," Gabe was certainly a sweetie as well! He was the last of the brothers to come to our corner of the parking lot - and we stuck around to meet him! I remember the two guys telling us to stick around because they were trying to get Gabe out as well. I really liked wrapping up the night talking to Gabe. Gabe was so real. When we asked him questions about music and touring - he was open like we were friends, not fans. He empathized with us as musicians and as people. And he revealed to us that he wears his famous newsboy cap when he needs a haircut. precious. Also, at the end of this meeting we hugged him! I feel like I can play violin better just because I was around him.

Something else I remember him saying was that to record is to only mark how good you were that day. I thought it was so inspiring! I know I always feel like I need to be getting better at things everyday, but I like the idea that each day is individual and not necessarily a mark of your progress - just how good you were that day.

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