Monday, March 24, 2014

Meeting Chris Thile.

I've decided that each Punch Brother deserves their own blog post about us meeting them and I want to remember as much as I can about each meeting!

Chris Thile was the third Punch Brother we saw and he was easily the most crowded by fans. He was so nice, though, and so generous with his time. He signed things and took pictures and answered questions about his guests (he called his guest's daughter "so awesome" which I thought was so sweet!) We didn't get to talk much to him, but his presence was just very cool. He didn't act like he was annoyed and he didn't act like he was some superstar hot-shot (which he totally is) but I appreciated the humility!

One of my favorite moments was when someone complimented the debut of "Julep" and he said "You guys dug Julep?" like he was anxiously awaiting the approval of the few of us gathered outside the bus. It was awesome that he was secure enough to debut a song, but humble enough to seem interested in what we thought of it.

I love Chris Thile and his crazy hair and his generous attitude!

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