Thursday, March 6, 2014

Float on.

Well. This week was heavy, but I've got a lot of good news, too and a lot to look forward to!

1.) Brady got a job at the University of Tennessee! A real live big-boy job! Wow! Gives us school-goers hope!

2.) Charlie hugs in t-minus two days!

3.) This one's bitter sweet - the last home gymnastics meet for 2014 v. Missouri on Friday!

4.) Philip and I are about to go see the LEGO movie. (don't judge, you know you were impressed by the rave reviews)

5.) Today at the museum, a 9 year-old and I had an in depth conversation about American Girl dolls. Namely the wonderful Kit Kittridge and her BFF Ruthie.

6.) I discovered that the Oatmeal cookies at Starbucks! They stopped making them at Panera which was sad. However, Panera came out with a toffee cookie that is truly delicious! So now I have a place for both!

7.) I register for classes on Friday. which is like some sort of sick game for me. I just really like it.

8.) Accounting and Ballet are cancelled tomorrow, so I don't have to wake up until 10 if I don't want to!

9.) I'm planning to watch every single Jimmy and Seth the week that I'm home for spring break. Also, I plan on going to some of your tennis matches if that's alright!

10.) Winter Guard competition on Saturday night!

11.) I get to teach sequin school on Saturday morning!

12.) I just got a private lessons student with whom I have a lesson scheduled with tomorrow!

13.) Today at the museum we taught printmaking and I thought of you the whole time! It was really cool!

14.) I am working SLR not this weekend, but next! Cho Boi!


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  1. What do you mean judge? I already saw the Lego movie.