Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meeting Chris Eldridge.

Well Critter was certainly a sweetheart. He and Thile came out to meet us at about the same time. Of course, people sort of flocked to Thile, but instead of trying to jump in and take over - he just looked at our little group and said "I'll talk to you guys!" What a gem. Eldridge was also so honest (telling us that certain songs were really challenging, etc.) He is certainly the "nice guy" out of the five - but even though he was a more subtle personality, he was still his own person. Really really awesome guy and a really great musician!

I loved that he told us about the band's sign language for one another! After someone asked if he was jealous of Noam's sideburns, he told us that that is how the guys signal each other. Sad and cute was that his sign was to signify his prominent front teeth. Gotta love a guy who can take a joke!

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