Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome back, Auburn gymnastics! and other thrilling updates.

Tonight is the first 2014 gymnastics meet and boy and I excited!

I think gymnastics meets are my favorite part of being a student - so, word of advice - pick a school with a gymnastics team!

In other news…

I went to a class that is apparently computer based. The first day was also the last day. The teacher says if we work hard enough, we can be done with the class completely by spring break!

Ballet is no joke.

I'm coming home soon! Next weekend! I have a lot I want to accomplish while I'm home including watch The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

I seriously need to go leotard shopping.

You seriously need to make a birthday wish list post (or update your Christmas one.)

I am signing a lease today which makes me feel very old.

Philip and I are going to see The Wolf of Wall Street tomorrow!

I already like this semester 1,000,000,000,000 times more than last semester! I just love spring!

And…I'm going to instruct some of the percussion girls in campus band on Wednesday! I'm going to teach them how to follow the conductor and how to play their parts and read their music! I'm so excited! In exchange for that - I get access to practice rooms to practice violin :)

So many exciting things!

The only down side is that I still haven't caught up on sleep - but I get to sleep in tomorrow morning! Yay! and that the dorm people who inspected our dorms over break were not nice house guests! They used Heidi and my toilet and didn't wipe the seat and they unplugged my TV and my TV won't reconnect :( So Philip is going to look at it tomorrow!

But that was all sad - so I'll end on a good note! We have started our KKPsi rush events and I'm getting so excited for the new class of brothers!

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