Sunday, January 26, 2014

A weekend for the books!

This weekend was extra good!

here's some of the stuff I did...

- Friday - 

Erik and Laura came over to Philip's for macaroni and Mario Kart! It was so fun to have "couple" friends over to hang out! Laura won the first round and then Philip took the second round. Then Jahlani and Brittany Moore came over for Key Lime Key and Round three which Philip also won!

- Saturday -

Philip and I went to Atlanta for the day! We got to this REALLY cool part of Midtown and ate at one of the funkiest Mellow Mushrooms ever!

We almost ate at this really hip place, but then stuck to an old favorite.

Then we saw Gravity at this awesome theatre!

Next we went to the Cheshire Bridge area of Atlanta which is really awesome! We explored a little and then went to a fancy restaurant called Murphy's!

It was delicious! Then we finished the night with Philomena (WHICH WAS AMAZING), a little break at Starbucks, and Dallas Buyers Club!

- Sunday -

Lazy day of getting some things done! Then I went to first degree for KKPsi and it was awesome! Also, we always go to Loco's after first degree and it's fun to be around the new MCs in a more casual setting! My little is Sydney Jenkins (whose Herd name is Tweedy) - she is so awesome! Also, she majors in Industrial Design and plays the tuba like Philip!

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