Thursday, January 16, 2014

Banana Oil!

I found this lovely article about phrases that were common in the 20s that no one says anymore. But we should bring them back!

Here are some of my favorites!

Air Tight: extremely desirable or attractive.

“Banana oil!”: “That’s doubtful!”

Bluenose: someone who is prudish, puritanical or morally uptight.

Bug-Eyed Betty: used to refer to an undesirable, ugly woman.

Bunny: someone who seems lost, but endearingly so.

Cast a Kitten: to throw a temper tantrum.

Dead Soldier: an empty container of alcohol. Example: After draining your beer, you might proclaim that soldier dead. - this must be where dad says it from, so he didn't just make it up - he must have heard it somewhere!

Declaration of Independence: a divorce. (Also use: “dropping the pilot.”)

Flat Tire: used to indicate that one’s date did not meet expectations. 

Ground Grippers: shoes or sneakers.

Hit on All Sixes: to perform at full-capacity or nail it one-hundred percent.

Mustard Plaster: someone who isn’t wanted but won’t leave.

Ten Cent Box: a cab.

Togged to the Bricks: dressed to the nines.

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