Sunday, September 1, 2013

Students I hate.

There seems to be a theme in the college world in the way that students fit a sort of mold. This week I realized that there are just certain kinds of students that I can't stand being in the same classroom with. Here are some examples...

1.) The student who answers for the teacher.

and let's be honest - this is a college class...our professor doesn't even know your name. Unless you have a shiny degree that says you are certified to answer my question, don't pipe in with your lame answers!
not annoying student: So how does this letter relate to the time of the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock?
teacher: (awkwardly) Actually, the pilgrims have landed, they just haven't made it to this particular region.
me: Sheesh.

2.) The nervous flirter/giggler.

This student dresses like they're 5 years old and "grown ups" still make them nervous and giggly. Doesn't matter who the teacher is, this student always speaks up with really weird things to say and giggles when things aren't funny.
teacher: The final project is going to be due the first Wednesday of December. Please be creative! You have to present these to the class.
culprit: Can I write an essay?????!!!?!?!?
teacher: (awkwardly)...I guess, no one has ever asked if they can write an essay before.
culprit: tee hee hee tee hee hee haha hee hee tee hee hee *insane amount of flirty giggling*
me: *insane amount of eye rolling*

3.) The student stuck in high school.

not the quick anecdote about something memorable from high school, I mean every single thing this kid thinks about is high school. Every time something is said, they bring up an experience from high school remotely related to whatever the rest of the class is talking about.
teacher: today we are going to watch clips of Poccahontas because I want us to compare the movie version to what we just read in John Smith's letters.
culprit: Oh my goodness! This one time, we watched Pocahontas in my math class and my teacher totally got busted for letting us watch a non-related movie to our math work!
teacher: (awkwardly) ...Ok, here's that clip.

Moral of the story, don't be these students.

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