Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Picture this.

That was a painfully cheesy title. Ok, here is a post about how to be in pictures and not be awkward as recommended! here are some suggestions and examples of what to do and what not to do! Hope this helps!

The bear hug. A good fun casual picture, if Madison's face wasn't weird, it'd be a framer! 

The goofy. Being silly is fun for casual and fancy events, and adds more variety to your pictures.

The traditional. Obviously friends here who still know each other. Good example of showing off your outfits! 

This one is so sweet! I love this picture with Rico! Hugging pictures are just feel good! 

Asti and I have a good side hug/ hand on hip contrast. Comfortable and sweet! 

What not to do brought to you by Tommy and I. Awkward.

Really just any sort of side hug opening up to the camera. Arm naturally hugging the waist, makes for good pictures! 

And if you're BFFs like me and Stew - you can go for the frontal hug! 

Just keep these things in mind -

1.) Contact is vital to make things not awkward.
2.) Be natural!
3.) Make sure that you look like you know the dude!

Happy Picture Taking!

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