Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where are they now? Trading Spaces edition.

Remember the wonderful Trading Spaces? I think it's where I first got hooked on design and all things decorating! One of my favorite designers from the show came to my mind the other day and it made me do a little research!

I came across this lovely article that catches us up on where the host: Pagie, Ty the carpenter and my favorite designers (Frank, Laurie, Hildi, Genevieve, Edward, and Douglas) have all gone.

Also, some of Hildi's most outlandish rooms:

Furniture on the ceiling.

Mural of herself.

Hay on the walls. The family hated this and the removal reportedly took 17 hours to get all of the hay off the wall. The removal was paid for by the production company of Trading Spaces.

Hundreds of silk flowers on the walls.

Sand in the beach themed basement floor. 

Putting up the hay. Yikes.

But Genevieve and Laurie were always my favorites! 

Laurie's book. She now lives in Mississippi. 

I miss this show! 

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