Friday, September 6, 2013

Beer for dogs.

If you thought Frosty Paws was crazy, check out this dog beer I found! Bowser Beer, Beefy Brown Ale. for dogs, of course.

The description is

"You do everything your with your dog – so why not drink with him too? With Bowser, the beer for the dogs, your best friend can join you on nights of drunken debauchery – acting as your wingman while picking up chicks, and having your back while you foolishly fight larger men."

A review reads: "Freddy needs this - he is tired of Coors light" Uhm. Ok weird. At least these people saved the day with their dog beer. Now Freddy doesn't actually have to get drunk! 

Also, it "Includes glucosamine for healthy joints." Yay nutritious and ironic dog beer! 

Happy Friday! 

and HAVE FUN AT THE INDIE CRAFT PARADE! I'm oober jealous of course! It'll be great! 

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