Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Countdown Continues!

I know you and I will be every kind of busy this week, so here is one post for the week! You will probably see it when you come home from Universal and I'm going to be really busy with tryouts! But, here is an update on the countdown I posted a while back! It's gotten much shorter which is very promising!

This week: Tryouts, Yuck. But it's ok- they will at least be over with! Plus, Braves game on Sunday!

Free week! Cancelled class! and a concert! and a Beach trip!


A mostly free week (only a few quizzes and do-dads) then... A DAY!!!!! Also, hopefully the day I become a KKPsi brother!

The week after that will be the last week of April!!! Which means no more class for me this semester!

The next week is exam week, but I don't have very many of those silly things! Just a lot of free time! Also, Maggie is coming at the end of exam week to hang out with me and help me move my things back to Athens before I move to camp! Yay!!!

April is going to fly by!!! Summer is coming soon!

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