Thursday, March 21, 2013

Healthy Obsessions.

It's only 16 days until tryouts. This means major stress...but it also means March Madness!

Last year when Coach Olsen told our Econ class that we had to make a bracket as a part of class, I was a little annoyed to put something else on my to-do list. However, I found it to be something to take my mind off of the daily stress that tryout training puts on me! I also found myself regularly checking my bracket (which I guessed the final four AND championship game...okay, Patrick guessed...) and it was really exciting!

Also, you get a lot of great sport faces! 

It doesn't really make a difference either way if my bracket is gold or total crap...I'm just along for the ride!

They are also along for the ride.

Do you have anything you do that takes your mind off from being stressed?

Also, SUPER jealous of the St. Lucia trip Joanna Goddard has been writing about on her blog! I can't wait for her baby to come! (Another obsession - A CUP OF JO...maybe not so healthy?)

Also, Becca's show that she is watching (that I can't see, but is playing aloud) just said "His merging is like butter! SO SMOOTH! I'm like, we were just in the left lane - when did we get in the right lane???"

Just some inspiration for your driving!

See you this weekend!!!

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