Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This and That.

This is a kinda random post, oh well!

1.) I've been on a HUGE Electric Guest kick lately. Love them! Also, I just bought 10,000 Weight in Gold, you are right - great song! Also, one of the new Head and the Heart songs was the Starbucks pick of the week! So I have that one, too! (the video below is the Starbucks pick)

2.) This clever Halloween costume! Makes me think of the new(ish) Vampire Weekend CD, do you think you could burn me a copy? Or can you not do that with Rapsody?

3.) I bought new hand soaps at Bath & Body Works today and I just love that place! So simple and nice smelling and bright and I think I'm going to apply to work there first!

4.) Do you ever think your friends look like celebrities? My friend Jamie from flag line (who will be one of my house-mates next year) looks just like Charlotte from Sex and the City. Crazy! Here they are...


5.) Lastly, I have discovered from watching too much E! that all of the famous stars live in a part of L.A. called Calabasas. So if you ever want to look at some mansions of famous people, just google Calabasas! 

This is one of my favorites

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