Saturday, August 24, 2013

Put it on my tab...

Well it's been what feels like eternity here in Auburn. Lots of good and lots of "really? this is really happening to me?"

One of the main poo-poo parts of my life has been my two parking tickets. Parking if you live on campus is an absolute nightmare. It is, dare I say, worse than Wittel. If I could just combine my favorite things about both living spaces, I'd be rather content! I just saw that stupid white paper with a fat ole AU at the top on Lars's sweet windshield and could only think...put it on my tab.

In other news, tomorrow is the beginning of my WGI/DCI career! I'm going to a clinic for Paramount which is a rather fancy Winter Guard out of Atlanta! Hopefully the clinic will give me a better idea of what I'm getting into.

Here is one of my favorite shots of AUMB band camp

In music news - I am going to see the following bands soon: Head and the Heart (Nashville), Local Natives (Birmingham), City and Colour (Atlanta), and Motion City Soundtrack & Reliant K(Birmingham)! I'm rather excited!

Here come a lot of words because pictures aren't loading. Put it on my tab.

It should also be noted that our Chicago trip has been changed to Washington DC because we have a Glisson friend who lives there and is letting us stay with her for free!

Also, if my schedule remains open, I'm planning on coming home the weekend of the UGA/App State game! I just may need a little home fix/Charlie fix/ concert fix/ Cine fix/ Sanford Stadium fix!

Hmm... other things to say that aren't horribly boring. Our marching show is pretty cool! 007 a James Bond show! The music is really good and if we can get it all practiced a little more, I think it'll be really great! Are you coming to any games this year? I hope you are! I love when you visit even though I'm a little boring in the fall. It'll be better visiting me this year in the Village though (10 points for Village!)

They just opened a brand new rec center and I'm really going to take advantage this week by taking several yoga and cycling classes (to really get the bang from my tuition buck.) Hopefully some of them will be cool enough to stick with and then I can be super buff. Just kidding. Mostly.

Another thing I miss about Wittel is having a sink next to my bed and killer water pressure.

Another thing I really love about the Village is having my own room and a freezer.

I saw Jobs the other night with Philip as a part of our "hey, man. way to get through day 1 of classes" date. It was good. real real good. go see it.

You don't have to read this anymore.

Am I babbling? Probably. Ok. So many thoughts I just had to spill. I'll write more composed things regularly again now that I'm back to school.

Philip is making fun of me for complaining about my blog post pictures not working at a Starbucks which is where I had to go to get any internet. (-10 points from Village)

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