Thursday, August 8, 2013

Go Ben!

So Ben has traveled a good bit by himself to where he knows the tricks on how to save money and one of those ways is by staying in a Hostel.

Because of Gilmore Girls, I had it in my head that Hostels were a bunch of cheap people sleeping on benches and that kind of grossed me out.

But! Quite the contrary - hostels are only for out of town guests (so they don't turn into a big ole homeless shelter), they are actually pretty nice, and we are staying in the safest hostel in Chicago!


Here are some pictures of where I'll be staying! Right in the middle of the city in a safe part of town! Safe, fun, clean, Chicago! Life can't get any better than that!

I'm also on the lookout for things I want to do in Chicago. Both times I've been have been with a group, so I've had to just sit back and let others do the planning (which can be a fun adventure all on its own!) The one thing I am positive I am going to do is eat Giordano's pizza!

I'm also going to check Joanna Goddard's post about their trip to Chicago. I remember her writing a post about it and I have a feeling that we have the same taste in things!

I want to do things that aren't too touristy and aren't too that too much to ask? Even if we just walk around for four days I think it'll be a blast!

What are things that you think we should do in Chicago? If you could go anywhere in the country where would you go?

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