Monday, January 19, 2015

Project time!

As if I needed another thing to be thinking about,  I have decided to take on a project! Since I will not be in town any Friday night this semester because of Paramount - I will not be able to attend my senior year formal for KKPsi. But let's break down the problem shall we? The only real fun part of formals is getting a cool dress and having pictures for later. So I'm going to take pictures on Samford lawn with my friends in an awesome dress and then just scoot to Atlanta at the time I normally leave Auburn.

So why spend $100 or more on a dress I'm only using for pictures? Well that's the project!

I'm going to make my dress! I have a few simple patterns that I think will be fun to work on little bits at a time! and that way, I won't have to pay for alterations (which I inevitably have to do anytime I try and wear clothes that don't involve an elastic waistband.) It'll be cheaper and will make me feel pretty cool to have completed a dress!

I've been working on some sketches and can't wait to get started!

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  1. Yay! So cool! I have a friend who made her senior prom dress! You should make my prom dress...